Natural Herbal Medicine – Just As Nature Intended

Natural Herbal Medicine

At Roscore Clinic we use plants and plant extracts from our very own herb garden, where possible, in the treatment and prevention of disease. Here at Roscore Clinic we practice Natural Herbal Medicine and use the plant and herbs themselves which contain many constituents  ‘just as nature intended’.

natural herbal medicine

Plants act on the body in a complex, balanced homeostatic physiological way rather than acting in the manner of modern pharmacological drugs.

Herbal medicine is a natural, safe and highly effective form of treatment for health problems in both adults and children.

Herbal medicine is often described as ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ but is, in fact, the most widely practised form of medicine with over 80% of the world’s population relying on herbs for health.

Roscore Clinic has put into practice a medical care facility, which is an example of how primary care health through Herbal Medicine can be an effective alternative medical treatment.

In a recent study published by the Irish Medical Times  it states that drugs and herbs are different in their pharmacokinetics. Plants contain compounds such as alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, oils, tannin, saccharides, flavonoids, etc., whose absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion may be studied in the same way as those of drugs, and however, there are important differences between the use of drugs and that of whole plants.

When the whole plant is used, it contains a balanced mixture of many different compounds. These have an effect on the body that is very different from that of a synthetic drug, or indeed that of an isolated active constituent of a plant.

For example, antimuscarinic drugs act by blocking the parasympathetic response and thereby reduce intestinal motility and spasm. The problem with this approach is that, after absorption, a drug is distributed throughout the body, thus affecting other parts in addition to the intended one.  (Ref Published – Irish Medical Times 1. Vol. 35. No.31 August 03 2001) 

This report states that there is no synthetic drug that is free from side effects.

Just As Nature Intended

Here at Roscore Clinic we treat most medical conditions e.g. asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cold and flus, back pain, general aches and pains, digestive disorders, childhood disorders, common mental health issues, fertility treatment, cardiovascular disease, and many other ailments.

A central aspect of treatment at Roscore Clinic, especially for stubborn chronic medical conditions, is the specialist branch of Ayurveda, called Clinical Panchakarma.

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natural herbal medicine

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