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Native Irish and Ancient Indian Ayurveda Medical Systems.

Roscore Clinic is working in collaboration with Anú Community Healthcare in developing a new healthcare approach in Ireland, with an emphasis on positive health and wellbeing.

Many people in the west now have a strong sense of the limitations of western allopathic medicine. This is not in any way to deny its great strength and advancements in treating serious medical emergencies and many prescribed conditions. However, we believe that most of the common human ailments and many chronic physical conditions can be dealt with more effectively, efficiently and with far less cost to society under the Roscore/Anú model.

Roscore Clinic promotes integrative medicine, and where appropriate, referral to and collaboration with specialist areas.

Roscore Clinic wishes to create an alternative primary health care model which is people based and autonomous.

Roscore Clinic uses an approach that gives equal emphasis to prevention, early intervention and to treatment.

Roscore Clinic uses integrative medicine based on the ancient proven native Irish and ancient Indian Ayurveda medical systems, the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and the best of contemporary western medicine.

Roscore Clinic passionately believes in the innate wisdom of the person to gain their own optimum level of health and wellness given the right conditions and knowledge.

We provide people with proven knowledge, support and guidance to make healthy lifestyle choices in the areas of nutrition, medical care, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Roscore Clinic/Anú aspires to support people to create a life worth living and to contribute to sustainable healthier communities and environment using Native Irish and Ancient Indian Ayurveda medical systems.

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At the heart of Roscore Clinic is Medical Herbalist Emmett Walsh.

Medical Herbalist Emmett Walsh.

Emmett Walsh

Emmett started his medical herbalist training at the School of Herbal Medicine in Surrey in 1991 and completed his studies at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine with a University of Wales accreditation Post Graduate Diploma in 2002 and an MSc in Herbal Medicine, specialising in cancer treatment.

Prior to this, Emmett did an Animal Science Degree in UCD in 1976 and an MSc in Animal Nutrition in 1977 which led Emmett entering Herbal Medicine studies in later years.

Emmett’s medical training has equipped him to be a safe practitioner using the tried and trusted principles of western herbal medicine either alone, or with Ayurvedic treatment or with conventional medicine. Emmett has trained in pathology, clinical examination, differential diagnosis, red flag emergency signs, medical data interpretation and herb, drug interaction and general medicine.

A deep interest in Irish culture and its civilisation has led Emmett to investigating the medical practices of Gaelic society. In his study, he has recognised a close relationship between the early Irish medical systems and the medical system of India.

Emmett travelled to India in 2008 to study the Ayurvedic medical system which is practiced unbroken for over 5,000 years and with its full medical records intact.

While in India, he studied Clinical Panchakarma which is a specialist branch of Ayurvedic medicine.

Emmett Walsh’s passion for natural Ayurveda treatments at Roscore Clinic, brings him to India every year. Emmett travels to India so he can learn and to immerse himself in the soul of Ayurveda. Ayurveda practised in an Indian context involves 21,000 herbs and over half a million traditional recipes. The learning never stops.

Emmett trained under Dr K.K.Harikrishnan, Vaidyagrama Healing Villiage, India.
Dr Harikrishna continues to inspire and mentor Emmett. Roscore Clinic also works very closely with Dr Harikrishna in the treatment of patients.

Our Team

Emi Meehan

Emi Meehan – Ayurveda Physical Therapist, sport injury, Indian head massage, dry needling, hot stone massage, pre/ post-natal and baby massage, deep tissue cupping massage, Thai foot massage, lymph drainage massage, massage for cancer patients, hot bamboo body massage , Thai herbal compress body massage, all of the above studied through I.T.E.C. Certified Pilates Instructor.

Judy O’ Sullivan – Ayurveda Physical Therapist, BA, Hons Media and Communication, Reflexology and body massage and beauty therapy I.T.E.C., C.I.B.T.A.C. and C.I.D.E.S.CO.

July O’Sullivan

12 years ago I started out as a beauty therapist and had my own salon for four and a half years. It was here I started to realise and understand the importance and need of my clients to feel well both physically and mentally. This started me on the journey of investigating further into well-being, not just skin deep. It is not just oils or products that are applied to the skin that makes people look and feel well but one also has the need to shine from within.

I realised that it is important what you care for inside as well as what happens on the outside. The power of touch is hugely comforting and healing. I am constantly learning and attending workshops. Whether it herb and food related or workshops on different therapies. I have ITEC qualifications in Holistic Massage and Reflexology. I have also trained in Indian Head massage and Ayurvedic massage. My journey so far has brought me to Roscore Clinic where I am part of a great team that creates a safe and secure environment for patients to thrive in.

Amy Slevin – Ayurveda Physical Therapist, reflexology, Indian head massage, Holistic massage and Reiki (Level 2). Amy is a recognised I.T.E.C. teacher of anatomy and Physiology.

Amy Slevin

Amy Slevin

I first started out training and working with horses 16 years ago. During those years I received treatments for work related injuries. While working with the horses I did a weekend course on horse massage which got me interested in a more holistic approach to caring. While on a break from working with horses I did an ITEC course in Holistic massage and I fell in love with it.

I then went on to qualify in Indian head massage and Reiki. I could really see and appreciate a more holistic approach to taking care of ourselves. I started working in Roscore Clinic 5 1/2 years ago and became further educated on being aware of our health. While at Roscore Clinic, I trained in Ayurvedic massage and therapies, learning about mind,  body, and soul. I did mindfulness and an ITEC Reflexology course plus a foundation level teaching course in NUI Galway over the last couple of years. I fully intend to continue my education.  I now also teach Anatomy and Physiology for Holistic Massage and Reflexology with Maureen Mahoney at Salann Na Talun, Banagher.

Dr. Meghana Vasisht

Dr. Meghana Vasisht – Clinic Consultant. Practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, Dance and Movement Therapy- B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery- Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India), MSc. Translational Oncology (Trinity College Dublin, St. James’s Hospital Campus), Dip. Yoga, B.A. in Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical dance).

Meghana is a qualified practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy. Healthcare and wellbeing of self and others are the core of her value system. She feels privileged to have been brought up in a lifestyle that is in line with Yogic and Ayurvedic practices. This exposure fuelled her curiosity to pursue Ayurveda and Yoga qualifications.

Meghana has practised in several public and private sector hospitals in India as a consultant. She has been a part of Roscore Clinic since 2017. Her experience covers areas such as Ayurvedic – Medicine, Mental Health, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Panchakarma (Detox & Rejuvenation) and Yoga Therapy for common ailments & well-being. Meghana has successfully incorporated modern aspects of Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Examination Techniques and has developed an integrative approach towards healthcare consulting.

Sharon McMahon – Ayurveda Physical Therapist, ITEC Swedish Massage, ITEC Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Rahanni Healing, and Reiki.

Ena Walsh – Clinic Consultant. Medical Herbalist, BSc[Hons] Herbal Medicine, PhD. Biochemistry, BSc[Hons] Biochemistry.        


Associated Staff/Consultants

Emmett studied under

Dr K K Harikrishnan   Dr. K.K.Harikrishnan - Roscore Clinic
Arogyodayam Hospital

Vaidyagrama: A True Ayurveda Healing Village

Dr Ramkumar
Punarnava Ayurveda Dr Ramkumar - Roscore Clinic
Tamil Nadu

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Medical Herbalists

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists of Britain (I.I.M.H.)  has developed professional training for medical herbalists to a BSs Hons standard.

Physicians of Natural Medicine

The principles underlying the training policy advocated by Roscore Clinic is to produce physicians of natural medicine with a knowledge of general medicine similar to a junior hospital doctor, coupled with an indepth knowledge of natural medicine sciences, and with the ability to integrate both safely, to deliver a comprehensive and viable alternative primary healthcare system for Ireland. The apprenticeship model, under the guidance of a qualified medical herbalist or an Ayurvedic physician, will be the basis of study.

Roscore Clinic and Anu Healthcare intends to provide the further training to MSc level, necessary to train physicians of natural medicine, as set out in the ‘Mission Statement’.

The Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists (I.I.M.H.)  set up a BSc Hons in Herbal Science with CI.T. in 2004. Roscore Clinic and Anú Community Healthcare intends to provide the further clinical training necessary for these graduates to practice as physicians of natural medicine to Msc Level.

Therapists Training

All therapists working in Roscore Clinic are trained to I.T.E.C/ C.I.B.T.A.C. level in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage. Further training is provided by Roscore Clinic in the physical therapies of clinical panchakarma.

Clinical Panchakarma

Is a specialist area of Ayurvedic medicine. Physician Practitioners must have intensive first-hand practical experience, training and guidance to practice these therapies.

The Physician Practitioners would need to have a BSc Hons Degree or equivalent in Professional Herbal Medicine, i.e., IIMH or NIMH membership or to be a qualified Ayurvedic physician to be eligible for post-graduate training as Panchakarma physicians. Roscore Clinic provides this through its training programme in conjunction with Arogyodayam Hospital, (Dr KK Harikrishnan).

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Roscore Clinic is committed to research, and to validation of its practices. It intends to engage in ethical research in the following areas and with the following organisations:

  • Native Irish herbs
  • Native Irish medical practices
  • Adapting Ayurveda practices to Ireland, its climate, culture, food and lifestyle
  • Co-operative research and development
  • Vaidyagrama Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Arogyodayam Hospital, Palakkad, Kerala, India
  • Co-operation with conventional medical practitioners and institutions
  • Collaborative research/training/CPD with professional training centres and research bodies.
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