An Herbal Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Emmett Walsh, Roscore’s Medical Herbalist, states that “the menopause is NOT a medical condition, but a phase in a women’s life; and if it is not prepared for properly, a woman’s life can be difficult at this time”.  Because it is a natural condition the best way to treat symptoms that are bothering you, is with natural time trusted remedies. We can treat your symptoms with an Herbal Alternative to Hormone Replacement.

More and more studies including a major research has led to the conclusion that the risk of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) exceeds the benefits for certain women.

Risks of HRT

  • Depending on family history there can be a small increased risk of breast cancer. According to the(NHS ref) 27 cases of breast cancer per 1000 menopausal women
  • The risk of womb cancer slights increases in women that use Oestrogen only HRT
  • The likelihood of blood clots developing is two to four times higher than normal for women taking HRT
  • The risk of stroke is slightly increased amount user of HRT.

According to Emmett Walsh,  a proper response to each woman’s menopause issues is only possible if approached in a systemised holistic individual treatment protocol.  And this requires extensive professional training, and covers the following areas:
•Herbal medicine                                          Herbal Alternative to Hormone Replacement
•General health
•Diet, dietetics, and nutrition
•An ability to professionally assess accurately, firstly a woman’s natural born constitution, the general level of disturbance of her natural constitution, and the ability to respond to this picture in a safe and appropriate way.

Because the menopause is triggered by the major changes in a woman’s hormone levels, especially, but not exclusively, the large oestrogen drop; this can have profound effects on a woman’s mental health, and this is often a very significant and disturbing aspect of the menopause , that needs to be dealt with in the general holistic response to each woman

Top 3 Natural Herbal Remedies for Menopause

At Roscore Clinic, our herbal response will be with a formulation of several herbs; appropriate to each woman’s needs.

At present, Roscore Clinic can supply about 60% of its needs from our very own  herb garden


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                                                             Herbal Alternative to Hormone Replacement





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