Ayurveda Means ‘The Science of Life’

Emmett Walsh’s  passion for natural Ayurveda treatments he carries out at Roscore Clinic brings him to India every year. Emmett first travelled to India in 2008 to study the Ayurvedic medical system which is practised unbroken for over 5,000 years and with its full medical records intact.       Emmet Walsh - Medical Herbalist - Ayurveda

While in India, he studied Clinical Panchakarma which is a specialist branch of Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda Means ‘The Science of Life’

It is the oldest system of health care in the world.  It offers a complete approach to living.  It aims to establish the ability to live every aspect of life to its fullest in complete conscious connection to nature’s infinite intelligence.  Ayurveda studies natures functioning in depth to understand how the physical and non-physical aspects of life function in a coordinated fashion.

  • Ayurvedic Panchakarma offers a holistic model of healthcare, where mind, body, and spirit are given equal importance, a fact which is considered fundamental to life’s wholeness and therefore, health. Natural medicine recognises that there are limits to the body-based system response approach offered by allopathic medicine.
  • Ayurvedic practitioners seek to treat the cause of the disease at a deep level and not just respond to symptoms.  They do this first by accepting, and then creating the conditions where the body’s innate intelligence is mobilised to restore the health balance which is unique to each individual.  Panchakarma is the most powerful and effective medical model to achieve this.

Emmett trained under Dr K.K.Harikrishnan, Vaidyagrama Healing Villiage, Tamilnadu, India. Dr Harikrishnan continues to be Emmett’s, mentor, trainer and also a very good friend.     Dr. K.K.Harikrishnan - Roscore Clinic - Ayurveda

Dr Harikrishnan has carried forward the traditions of his Ayurveda lineage that has its origin in the land of Ayurveda – Kerala. Since 1934, the family has been actively engaged in looking after the health needs of the community through Ayurveda.

Dr Harikrishna has developed an Ayurveda healing village which has 9 patient blocks and each block has 4 patient units and 1 treatment block. Vaidyagrama means a healing village.An assemblage of Ayurveda Vaidyas sharing a common Vision.

There is a developing awareness of the limitations of conventional medicine with an increasing awareness of the benefits of natural medicine. The commitment is to create a truly natural Ayurveda hospital that is based

  • on the textual dictates, and yet that suits contemporary times.
  • The spaces allotted for each specific place for healing, the materials used for construction, the landscaping and even the vegetation are all for an Ayurveda reason – a good reason for the healing process to be complete.

Dr Harikrishna continues to inspire and mentor Emmett.  Roscore Clinic also works very closely with Dr Harikrishna in the treatment of patients.

Emmett travels to India so he can learn and to immerse himself in the soul of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda practised in an Indian context involves 21,000 herbs and over half a million traditional recipes. These recipes are developed with generations of research and development with love, and dedication blended with pure healing intention.

Emmett has implemented and developed a model that is used in Roscore Clinic.  Roscore Clinic’s model has 4 pillars in its foundation:

  • The Patient
  • The Physician
  • The Therapists
  • The Medicine

Roscore Clinic is working in collaboration with Anú Community Healthcare in developing a new healthcare approach in Ireland, with an emphasis on positive health and wellbeing.

Many people in the west now have a strong sense of the limitations of western allopathic medicine. This is not in any way to deny its great strength and advancements in treating serious medical emergencies and many prescribed conditions.

However, Emmett believes that most of the common human ailments and many chronic physical conditions can be dealt with more effectively, efficiently and with far less cost to society under the Roscore/Anú model.

  • Roscore Clinic promotes integrative medicine, and where appropriate, referral to and collaboration with specialist areas.
  • Roscore Clinic wishes to create an alternative primary health care model which is people based and autonomous.
  • Roscore Clinic uses an approach that gives equal emphasis to prevention, early intervention and to treatment.
  • Roscore Clinic uses integrative medicine based on the ancient proven native Irish and ancient Indian Ayurveda medical systems, the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and the best of contemporary western medicine.
  • Roscore Clinic passionately believes in the innate wisdom of the person to gain their own optimum level of health and wellness given the right conditions and knowledge.
  • We provide people with proven knowledge, support and guidance to make healthy lifestyle choices in the areas of nutrition, medical care, emotional and psychological wellbeing.
  • Roscore Clinic aspires to support people to create a life worth living and to contribute to sustainable healthier communities and environment.


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