Therapeutic Vomiting

The procedure used in Vamana is quite smooth and painless with little discomfort.  When the body is properly prepared, and the treatment correctly administered, Vamana is smooth, and efficiently removes toxins from the Kapha Zone i.e. the lungs and stomach. Vamana is usually administered for Kapha related disorders. These include all lung problems, bronchial asthma, allergies, chronic colds, rhinitis, diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis, rheumatic disease, arthritis and chronic skin disorders, for example, Eczema and Psoriasis.  It also benefits some viral disorders.  Vamana is contraindicated  for those who are emaciated or very weak, elderly people who are frail, young children and pregnant women, as well as those with a severe Vata imbalance, heart disease and blood pressure, tuberculosis, pleurisy, collapsed lung and liver disease. Vamana may also be considered in certain cases of deep psychological trauma.

Preparation for Vamana

To prepare for this treatment, oleation and heat therapies are administered for 5 to 7 days. Only when internal and external oleation is complete can Vamana be done.  The night before Vamana is administered the patient takes spicy and very rich food which stimulates Kapha.  Early morning when Kapha is most active is the optimum time for this process.

On the morning of vamana treatment, the patient is requested to wear loose clothing, refrain from eating and to empty both bladder and bowels.  The patient is then asked to drink two to three litres of a special mix of warm milk and rice porridge over a period of time.  After drinking one’s fill of the milk formula, the patient drinks a glass of herbs to begin the process.  The herbs are hot, strong and penetrating, their action permeates the fine channels in the Kapha Zone and stir up and liquefy the toxins.  Moisture and impurities are

Drawn into the stomach and lungs from the surrounding tissues by the entire preparatory process and by the special medicine to induce expulsion of toxins.

The patient is asked to drink until they feel full up. Within a few minutes, the patient will feel hot, and will sweat a little. The stomach will churn and will begin to feel to urge to vomit.  The patient is encouraged to allow the stomach to empty without resisting. Vomiting comes in bouts and usually occurs without strain.  Within half an hour the entire procedure is usually finished.  At this point the urge to vomit automatically stops.  It is not uncommon to have loose bowel movements during treatment.

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