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Clinical Panchakarma – Biopurification – Ayurvedic

‘’ The science of life’’ The Basic Principles of Ayurveda,

The Ayurvedic medical system is the oldest documented medical system of the world

Ayurvedic practitioners treat the patient holistically. This is central to life’s wholeness and therefore, health. They treat the cause of disease at a deep level and not just respond to the symptoms of disease. This is achieved by first accepting and then creating the conditions where the body’s innate intelligence is mobilized to restore the healthy balance which is unique to each individual.

Clinical Panchakarma is a specialist branch of Ayurveda that is the pinnacle of the Ayurvedic system of medical therapies. Clinical Panchakarma is a powerful and effective natural medicine protocol to remove toxins; the primary cause of disease.

A commitment is sought from the patient before this treatment commences to ensure that the patient will follow the guidelines laid out by the Ayurvedic Practitioner / Medical Herbalist so that the maximum outcome is achieved. At Roscore Clinic, each patient’s treatment is outlined on an individual prescription basis.   Roscore Clinic will give a written printout of all times and  dates and  Clinical Panchakarma therapies that the patient will receive during the course of treatment. 

The commitment needed for Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapy


Panchakarma can play a central role in the treatment of most physical conditions and also psychiatric, psychological and neurological conditions.

Clinical Panchakarma and professional herbal medicine provide the foundation for Roscore Clinic’s Home/Day Hospital Primary Healthcare Centre. It is an essential part of our primary healthcare service, and plays a key role in pain relief and responding comprehensively to both acute and chronic disease.

Clinical Panchakarma preparatory therapies may include some or many of the physical therapies of Panchakarma:

  • External Oleation Therapy
  • Heat therapy – Svedana
  • Specific lifestyle practices
  • Internal Oleation – Snehapana
  • Diet Therapy – cooked vegetarian food only

Introducing Irish Herbs  in Panchakarma treatment is an important aim of Roscore Clinic, and Dr K K Harikrishnan, plays a central role in this project.



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