At Roscore Clinic we treat severe migraines and  headaches with a specific physical therapy called Shirodhara.

We also use it in the treatment of nervous system disorders, i.e. strokes and M.S, Parkinsons. It is also a very effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

Shirodhara is where we pour a medicated fluid across the forehead.    Shirodhara natural herbal treatments for Migraines

It has to be poured in a particular way at a particular height at a particular strength. Everything has to be correct.  This medicated fluid and the pouring across the forehead are decoctions which have the effect that if they were taken internally.

A decoction is a specific preparation. You boil the products and the fluid is the decoction.

This really helps to ease a migraine. Invariably there would be anti-inflammatory and they would have a calming effect on the nervous system anyway.

It’s actually the science and the way it works is absolutely amazing when you consider that this therapy is 5,000 years old and predates all laboratory equipment and the ability to measure internal brainwaves and altering the brainwave patterns. It’s been proven clinically to do so.

One of the key herbs in this regard that we use is a herb called Dashamoola (also spelled as Dashmool, Dashamula & Dashamul). It’s the ten roots of India.  It has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions. It’s relatively easily available product from the herb suppliers. We get it directly in from India. Sometimes we mix it with milk, depending on what’s required and it can be very, very effective. This has been tested in universities in India and in America. Its effectiveness has been proven clinically.


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