Open Day – Sunday 25th June 2017

We are delighted to have the following speakers at our Open Day on Sunday 25th June.

Mary Bulfin from Wild Food Mary.

Mary will share her love and knowledge of foraging and the use of natural herbs, green leaves, flowers, berries, nuts, mushrooms, and roots for cooking and great recipes. Wild food Mary

Foraging is the oldest human method of gathering food. The benefits of collecting and eating wild food are many. Foraged food is healthy, ecological, tastes fantastic, and is a joy to collect!

The lack of chemicals involved in the production of wild food, and the fact that it is usually eaten relatively close to where it was found, means that this is an environmentally friendly choice. That is, as long as the forager harvests sustainably by respecting the amount of bounty available relative to Nature’s rates of renewal!

Mary has appeared on RTE Lords & Ladles, Dermot’s Secret Garden.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet Mary and experience her love of all things natural.

Gina Reynolds – Anú Community Healthcare Ireland

Gina is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adult mental health (CNS),  BSc. Health Sciences, Dip. Counselling, Mindfulness Facilitator, DBT Therapist, Dip. Health Promotion, Dip. Social Science, Dip. Supported Employment, Cert. Phlebotomy.

Gina is delighted to be involved with Anú Community Healthcare Ireland. She believes Anú can help people to take greater control of their lives and health through knowledge, support, advice and choice.  She believes our lives can be filled with vitality, fun, hope and purpose. Anú appreciates the equal importance of our mental, emotional, physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects in achieving this.

Gina will speak about the benefits of mindfulness, physical, psychological and emotional and why one should develop a mindfulness practice also doing a short meditation.

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to what is happening in the present moment with kindness towards ourselves and our experience without judgment.

ANÚ recognises the need to change from the current predominantly disease based model to an approach that gives equal emphasis to prevention and treatment.

Join Emmett Walsh on a walk through Roscore Clinic’s Herb Garden

At the heart of Roscore Clinic is Medical Herbalist Emmett Walsh.

Emmett will take you for a walk through their beautiful herb garden. emmet_walsh

You will be amazed at all the wonderful and interesting information about the beautiful herbs they grow and also Emmett will intrigue you with the details about what treatments each herb is used for. His passion and love of herbs and medical herbalism will win you over.

Native Irish herbs are used where possible in Roscore Clinic. Herbs are grown and harvested from the clinic’s herb garden. Wild herbs are also gathered in the fields, hedgerows, and woods around the Roscore area.

At present, Roscore Clinic can supply about 60% of its needs. We mainly use imported herbs for Panchakarma treatments. Roscore is gradually including Irish herbs in this treatment.

View all the wonderful videos about these herbs and Emmett discussing each herb in detail.



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