Elderflowers are prized for their medicinal qualities

Elderflowers are prized for their medicinal qualities and also for their culinary uses.

Here in Roscote Clinic we use Elderflower extract in tonics, in skin ointments and eye lotions. Elderflowers are also rich in Vitamin A, B and are used for the treatment of colds, flus and hayfever.

Elderflowers help correct kidney functions and also aid to clear catarrh, enhance immunity and cleanse the system. Elderflower has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore, we use it in our treatments as a  natural remedy for ulcers, burns, cuts and other wounds.                                                                      Roscore Elderberry Cordial

The Elder Tree (Sambucus nigra) is small and is more like a compact shrub when young. However, it can become tall, straggly and a bit unruly in old age The Elder Mother is said to dwell within the tree and she is said to have the power to work strong magic. She will avenge all who harm her host tree and who use any of its parts with selfish intent.

Of course, Elderflowers are also great for cooking and making delicious cordial.  We shared our very own proven recipe with you recently on Facebook.

Kitty Scully(Irish Examiner) recently shared another recipe for Elderflower cordial. However, we still think ours is better !!

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At Roscore Clinic we use the Elderflower straight from our garden as a natural remedy for all the ailments mentioned above.

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