Diet and Health

My name is Emmett Walsh, medical herbalist at Roscore Clinic.

Roscore Clinic is beginning a series of weekly health topics, which will be available on our website www. medicalherbalist.com, and on  our you tube channel, it will also be available on the website of our closely allied organisation info@anuhealthcare.com.

Talks will give general information on health issues using natural medicine as a primary treatment for:

  • Common medical conditions                                  Diet and Health
  • General health
  • Children’s  Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Health for the Older Person
  • Herbs as medicine
  • Diet and nutrition in medicine
  • The mind in health and illness
  • The history of Irish Herbal Medicine.

There is a reawakening among the public of the need to take more control of their own health. We hope this series will play a part in that reawakening.

This week we are going to talk about diet and dietetics for health

Diet: What we eat.

Dietetics: The science of what, when and why we eat what we eat, the use of accompanying foods, foods to avoid, food for individual care,

Why the one size fits all of western dietetics and nutrition has failed, and why and how it is in many ways unscientific; whereas the finding principles and practice of ancestral dietary knowledge of most cultures is vastly superior to it.

Big Pharma is not nearly as damaging to human health as the Big Food Industry.

First, we will outline the basic essentials of a good diet,

Diet and Health

  • It is very important to eat fresh food free from chemicals.
  • Use a spice e.g., turmeric, ginger, cumin, coriander etc., with most meals
  • Get professional advice on a diet suitable for your constitution. Remember diet is medicine, you are what you eat – more on this in a later talk.
  • Humans perceive Six Tastes – we have them for a reason. It is very important for health to have all Six Tastes in your diet each day.

Consume your food in the order of the six tastes as follows

  1. Sweet – Most cooked Cho staples plus meats, milk, etc.
  2. Sour – Lemons, yogurt, vinegar.
  3. Salty – Salt Himalayan rock salt is best.
  4. Pungent – Spices especially Ginger and black pepper.
  5. Bitter – salads, turmeric, herbs.
  6. Astringent – salads, beans, lentils, drying / cohesive.

However based on one’s digestive capacity/ strength; some people may need to take digestive stimulants before a meal and many of these are medicinal culinary herbs and are bitter in taste.

The balance of tastes in the daily diet is a major determinant of health and disease – Western diet is dominated by sweet taste; It is the main cause of most of the chronic diseases of the western world, especially diabetes cancer etc.

The most important determinant of good health relates to the strength and quality of one’s own digestive capacity. This essential component must be in balance for every constitutional type and digestive capacity is maintained and regulated by an appropriate diet for each person’s constitutional type.

A powerful digestive capacity is a central aspect of health – Virtually no reference to, or recognition of its central role is a part of the education of other Western doctors, dieticians, or nutritionists.

This huge gap or defect in Western Nutrition is the cause of most disease that is not generally related to aging.

When digestive capacity is strong, there is total digestion directed to nourishing and supporting all body functions.

When digestive capacity is weak digestion is incomplete and toxins [the basis of all disease] are produced.

With weak digestive capacity, toxins are produced and are not neutralised and eventually overwhelm the body’s capacity to dispose of them. They accumulate, spread outside the digestive tract through the blood and lymph vessels and harm the body.

All the basic facts and science of digestion, nutrition and their associated physiology are known to western scientists

As a trained nutritionist myself I know these basics. What I had not got was the training to integrate this knowledge to serve human health. I failed at this until I studied the ancient science of human health Ayurveda – No other system of health on earth can match its knowledge base.


If you would like further information about how to change your diet and lifestyle please contact us.

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