Basti Treatment/Therapeutic Enema

Basti Treatment

Therapeutic Enema –[Is not an enema in the conventional understanding]

Basti is one on the main procedures of Panchakarma.  Basti is administered by the introduction of medicated fluid into the colon.  Basti therapy balances and nurtures Vata.  As Vata governs all body movement, it plays a major role in the disease process, because it can move both nutrients and toxins around the body, and if unbalanced, can cause disease.  By managing Vata we gain control of the disease process before it goes into the migratory phase.  Ayurveda uses the colon as the primary pathway to eliminate and nourish the body.  When Basti is used in Panchakarma it cleanses and nourishes more than just the colon, it helps to purify all over the body.  The entire body can benefit through proper care of the colon.

Basti introduces medicated oils and medicated decoctions into the colon.  It treats the entire length of the colon.  In addition to getting rid of toxins, it restores healthy function to the colon and through the colon, nurtures and rebuilds all body tissues.

Basti therapy treats disorders of Vata imbalance and is often prescribed for acute Vata conditions.  These include reproductive system disorders, chronic constipation, low back pain, sciatica, rheumatism, gout, arthritis and neuromuscular disorders e.g. Parkinson, MS and atrophy of the nerves and muscles, It also benefits disorders of bones and the urinary systems.  Basti is contraindicated for infants, those with rectal bleeding, ulcerative colitis and colon cancer.

Types of Basti Therapy

There are two primary types of basti;

  • Water based, which are generally purifying [draws from the body)
  • Oil based basti are nutritive / restorative, to all body tissues.

Basti given through the anal route, bypasses the liver, and therefore can deliver a far higher concentration of medicine to the organs of the lower abdominal cavity especially. Suitability for basti, Panchakarma’s prime therapy, can only be decided by a professionally qualified physician of natural medicine. It is not to be practiced by, or should one receive basti, other than from qualified professionals.

  • Uttari Basti, medicated liquid introduced into the vagina to cleanse, nourishes and treats the female reproductive organs.
  • External localised Basti; although not introduced into the body, they are still called Basti, because medicated substances are retained on areas of the body for a period of time to treat certain conditions.

These include:

  • Basti used to cleanse and irrigate wounds and abscesses

    Netra Basti:

    applied to the eyes. The medicated liquid is contained within a structure made from dough, around the eye sockets.  This Basti is very nourishing for the eyes, it removes eye strain and improves vision and can be used to treat eye infections. It can be excellent for retinal disease.

    Joint Bastis

    : Medicated fluid is retained within a specially constructed retainer around the joint for about twenty minutes to help heal involved joint – e.g. over, neck, knee, spine, low back, hips, elbows, and wrists.

    Hridya Basti:

  • Retained on the heart, to treat certain heart conditions, thereby strengthening the heart.

    Shiro Basti:

  • Medicine is retained on the head using a special head apparatus. This type of Basti revitalizes the sensory function.  Shiro Basti is a useful treatment for vascular headaches, memory loss, glaucoma, and sinus headaches etc….



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