Medical Herbalists

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists of Britain (I.I.M.H.)  has developed professional training for medical herbalists to a BSs Hons standard.

Physicians of Natural Medicine

The principles underlying the training policy advocated by Roscore Clinic is to produce physicians of natural medicine with a knowledge of general medicine similar to a junior hospital doctor, coupled with an indepth knowledge of natural medicine sciences, and with the ability to integrate both safely, to deliver a comprehensive and viable alternative primary healthcare system for Ireland. The apprenticeship model, under the guidance of a qualified medical herbalist or an Ayurvedic physician, will be the basis of study.

Roscore Clinic and Anu Healthcare intends to provide the further training to MSc level, necessary to train physicians of natural medicine, as set out in the ‘Mission Statement’.

The Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists (I.I.M.H.)  set up a BSc Hons in Herbal Science with CI.T. in 2004. Roscore Clinic and Anú Community Healthcare intends to provide the further clinical training necessary for these graduates to practice as physicians of natural medicine to Msc Level.

Therapists Training

All therapists working in Roscore Clinic are trained to I.T.E.C/ C.I.B.T.A.C. level in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage. Further training is provided by Roscore Clinic in the physical therapies of clinical panchakarma.

Clinical Panchakarma

Is a specialist area of Ayurvedic medicine. Physician Practitioners must have intensive first-hand practical experience, training and guidance to practice these therapies.

The Physician Practitioners would need to have a BSc Hons Degree or equivalent in Professional Herbal Medicine, i.e., IIMH or NIMH membership or to be a qualified Ayurvedic physician to be eligible for post-graduate training as Panchakarma physicians. Roscore Clinic provides this through its training programme in conjunction with Arogyodayam Hospital, (Dr KK Harikrishnan).

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