The Therapists at Roscore Clinic


The Therapists at Roscore Clinic play an absolutely essential and critical role in the provision of the services as Roscore Clinic. The therapists would in many cases, look after the people who are getting extended intensive treatments.

Therapist at Roscore Clinic

Ami Meehan

Judy O'Sullivan- Roscore Clinic

Judy O’Sullivan

Therapist at Roscore Clinic

Amy Slevin

Cristina Gheorghe

Cristina Gheorghe









Patients have actually more contact with the therapists than they will have with the physician or medical herbalist. The therapists at Roscore Clinic training is the basic training in ITEC or it’s equivalent in massage. When they first start working at Roscore Clinic, we have an intensive training period of six months to a year, depending on requirements, and in this period, the therapists go through the full range of therapies and preparations of medicines that are required to provide the service that is needed here at Roscore Clinic.

These therapists are quite unique in Ireland. There are very few therapists with the skills that these therapists have, and we’re very, very proud of that. It would just take too long to talk about the various skills that they have, so what we’ll talk about is the various areas that they cover in treatments. We provide treatments, and the therapists are an essential part of the service, where we treat conditions varying from arthritic pains, general body pains, muscular pains, for example, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, knee pain, hip pain and many others.

Also, we provide services through the therapists, treating psychological conditions, some psychiatric conditions. For example, Roscore Clinic has developed a unique protocol to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, and the therapists are central in the provision of that treatment for these people.

Other typical types of conditions that we treat would be people with anxiety, depression, panic disorders of various kinds, fertility treatments. We work closely with an Ayurvedic hospital in India, Arogyadham Hospital under the supervision of Dr. K.K. Harikrishnan, and Dr. Subeesh Chittur, Arogyodayam Hospital, and Vaidyagrama Hospital. 

Roscore clinic provides an alternate health care service augmented by western herbal medicine and the specialist clinical panchakarma of Ayurveda.  At present, Roscore Clinic can supply about 60% of herbs for our treatments. We are so proud of our herb garden. We mainly use imported herbs for Panchakarma treatments. We are gradually including Irish herbs in this treatment.

Both disciplines provide the central aspect of care at Roscore Clinic especially for the stubborn chronic medical conditions. Roscore Clinic prides itself on our caring, confidential and safe environment where treatments can take place.

Medical Herbalist Roscore Clinic

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